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I got this game at a flea market. The Ultimate Stuntman, its a gold cart, published by camerica. It has a switch in the back with position a and position b. My question is what is the switch for?

I have a Camerica cart with the same thing on it, called firehawk. I think it was to bypass the lockout chip but i dunno.

You are correct, sir.

in one position it works on early NES consoles, in the other, it works on later consoles.

try it. flip the switch and try to boot it up, I bet you get a flashing screen.

wow....i always wondered what that was for...i think i had that game when i was little

I have a Micro Machines Cart that i need to try out on my Toploader but i have not been able to because my RF Switch isn't working.

I think my Micro Machines cart actually had a sticker explaining that on it...???