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Are there actually other female video game characters for NES Games besides Samus Aran? But I mean
a) only human characters (so, no Princess Tomato) or at least characters that are similar to humans (like the characters in "Zelda"),
b) no persons where the game is a conversion from something different, like a movie or something else (like "Alien 3" or "Barbie"). (Sure, some people say, "Metroid" is also based on "Alien", but there the film was just an inspiration and we don't have a movie conversion here.)
So, do you know any games where you can control a woman?


Princess Toadstool/Peach

Dragon Warrior IV.

Legend of the Ghost Lion,which is a great game.

Sypha from CVIII for one... that's just off the top of my head.

Kaede from Shadow of the Ninja
that girl in S.C.A.T. (the red one, can't remember her name)

I just remembered another. the main character in baby moses, from bible adventures.

Irene from Shadow Warriors/Ninja Gaiden

You can play as her?

There are two female characters in Suito Homu, and the pilot in Salamander turns out to be a girl, in a shameless, Metroid-knockoff ending.

There is a game I used to own called '' which has a "female" character.
It even tells you so on so you won't be mistaken.


Danget, i was gonna say that, im always too late.

Barbie, does she count?

Maybe yous hould read the first post?