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I always wanted to hate this game. Something about a video game being used to promote unhealthy food to kids seemed a bit low to me. But having played it extensively the last few I days I've got to say this game rocks. I have had it for a few years and thought it was a good platformer but it's only now that I would rank it as one of my favourite NES Games. Each level is packed with secrets; it's nearly up there with Mario 3 for the amount of hidden bits. You have to collect cards from each level in order to access other areas and this encourages you to search each level high and low rather than just running to the finish line. There's also some really cool ideas in there, like playing whole parts of the game upside down.

The only drawback for me is it could really have done with a password system. Because of the nature of the game (lots of searching levels) it takes many hours to finish it off. I ended up leaving my NES on over night. Also some might say it's a bit too easy (apart from the size) as there are many places you can pick up infinite lives so you're never going to see a gameover screen.

So what do you think of it? yay or nay? (I think I know OGTL's opinion )

Also does anyone know what happens if you collect all the secret cards or how you know how many you have to get? Old Mc Ronald said at the end something about a secret area. What's that all about?

Yes, I love this game as well. It's very fun. I'm glad to hear that you're getting into it so much. It's funny that you mention SMB3 in parallel with M.C. Kids. It's not unfounded to hear me say that M.C. Kids is a better game than SMB3... hopefully that comment doesn't upset people, but I believe it to be true

A password system IS sorely needed on it, you're right about that. That's the main reason why I haven't gone through and conquered it for a pic yet... the length of it. If it had some sort of save feature, it would definitely help it. Aside from that, it's a very solid game. I think the furthest I've played into it recently is Grimace's world. I'll have to sit down with this again, and soon.

As for the secret place, I really can't remember too well exactly what it is. I do know that the Professor's Workshop cards are scattered throughout the game. I can't remember if that has something to do with it or not though.

You're playing a great game right now Daynum... I think I'm going to have to join you in playing this

Yep, Yep.





Super Duper!


Its a Awesome game. I can't figure out how some people think its "A lame rip of SMB3" And yes, the innovation is very pronounced. as Daynum said, the upside down parts, the Arrow things that shoot you back to a level, the boat, putting the special block into a outline space, turning it into a solid, moving block. The passage in birdies treehouse, where you can go under the clouds, and just see your little eyes poking through. And in the snow levels, if yopu jump too high on the snow-bridges, they collapse, but if you just gently land on top, they can hold your hero in Mick, or Mack. The little bonus games with the arrows changing, the kickass music. The zipper levels, and the hidden cards. Not to mention the cool enemys! Who could forget that innocent moose..After he charges you! I love this game.

I've only played it via emulator briefly, so I don't feel that I can comment on it honestly, but I did seem like good fun. And I enjoy the sequel on Megadrive.

Yeah, Mick & Mack as the global gladiators is a good game. Not quite as good as M.C. Kids, but it was fun. And its too bad they ditched Mack's Baseball hat.

Alot like Smb 3??? I'll definatly have to check this one out!

I think the only similarity is the Sprite size, and i think he moves faster when you hold down B as per usual in SMB games.

As for the secret place, I really can't remember too well exactly what it is. I do know that the Professor's Workshop cards are scattered throughout the game. I can't remember if that has something to do with it or not though.

Every so often when you find a card it will say at the end of the level "You have found a secret card" but I had no idea what they were for. Then at the end of the game Ronald said his whole thankyou speech but then said I didn't have all the secret cards so couldn't access the secret area. I was just wondering if anyone knew what was in this secret area. I'm sure I could find the answer at GameFAQs but thought I'd see if anyone knew here first.

You don't actually need to hold B to fun fast. After a second he'll run fast anyway. The funny thing is I'm so used to Mario that I always held B when I wanted to run anyway. I guess hold habits are hard to kick!

I find quite a few similarities to the Mario games. For a start the map screen looks very similar to SMB3. Then the whole platform jumping action is quite similar and collecting the M's is like collecting coins. This isn't a negative point though, because lots was added to the gameplay too.

Yeah, i was playing just an hour ago, and i realized that

how about this?


aww man I can dream can't I?

You know... I've noticed I do that with almost every game as well. Hold down the 'B' button that is. That's funny, I guess SMB put a bigger mark on how I game than I thought

I think it's great

I played the game and i dont see whats special about it. Collecting the cards annoyed me in a way and didnt seem fun to me. But its alright i suppose. Ill have to play more of it later on.

I remember reading the reviews in the fanzines back in the early '90s when 'M.C. Kids' was getting overall scores of 1/10 from critics, while being blasted for blatant "in-game advertising". The very same critics would then give a game like 'Metal Mech' a 7/10, so that should give you some idea of how much they know.

Ooh I know! I have found ALL of them before.
The "secret cards" are located in different areas, and when you collect them all and visit Ronald, he opens up a pathway near the clubhouse to the dreaded "secret place". I remember Ronald says something like "There are no enemies in this secret world, so you will find it very easy, grin".

The "secret world" is a maze of zippers and complicated platform jumps for the sole purpose of getting more lives and adding more overall fun to the game. It's quite difficult though (I think I dropped about 30 lives getting through it), but definitely worth playing for.