Console Emulators... In a tourney, BLASPHEMY!

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Imagine It's Saturday, and you arrive to the local mall for a game tourney. (Mike Tyson's Punchout was the game amongst SCII and Halo2) and you spent 3 sleepless nights Practicing to knock Tyson out in 2:30 R2 with great success. You come to the tourney, psyched. You impress your friends and onlookers as you input the code by heart with your eyes closed.(007-373-5963) Unfortunately, You stare in horror as you are TKOed by Tyson 47 seconds into round one. Why? The controller was an XBOX controller.

Now that really busts my hump.

When they handed you the Xbox controller you should have shouted "WHAT IS THIS CRAP, THIS AINT NO NINTENDO" and then threatened to call the police to report the copyright infringement unless they crowned you video game champion of champions right now.

A mall let you play emulated games on an XBox?
Just call the cops! They aren't allowed to do this, right? (Because I don't think they had the permission of the copyright owner... if they did this is another story)

What? You want to use an original nintendo controller? But.. that must mean that you actually old games... But all the cool kids only play nintendo to be hardcore!

yeah, its kinda depressing. The tournment was run and sponsored by the mom-and-pop game store in the mall. Funny thing is, they actually HAD a Messiah system there. They just didn't use it. They said "they dont want the game to start flashing"

I'm going to go try to beat Mike Tyson on FCE UltraX. I imagine it would be difficult, especially considering that you were already trained in the "proper way" of playing the game.

And yes, emulators with NES ROMs on XBOX is a violation of legal stuff.

I am so bad.