Need help with this game - Hi No Tori -Houou Hen -Gaou no Bo

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Anybody know how to finish this game?
I keep on looping between the same levels (1-7) over and over again. I can't move on to level 8.

if this is Super Ghouls n Ghosts in Japanese, i would know, if it is then you need To have the Goddess Ring when you beat Level 7 , and you can only find that your Second or more times around.

erm...that's not the game I'm playing
this is the game i'm playing:

i'm supposed to collect all the pieces of a puzzle to finish the game.
i couldn't finish the game because i can't advance beyond level 7.

any ideas?

Wow... er...

Never heard of that. As much as I hate to suggest it, walkthrough, maybe?