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I could have sworn someone already did this, but I couldn't find it.

Anyway, I'm compiling a list of NES Games with stellar soundtracks. I already have the obvious ones (i.e. Contra, SMB...), so what I'm looking for now is lesser-known ones (i.e. Guardian Legend, Destination Earthstar...)

I have a nice little list
Most of them where of the actual cartridge on My TV.

When I read this, the first thing that popped into my mind was Gremlins 2. That game has some of the coolest music on a game. When you want to hear awesome game tunes, look to SunSoft or Konami. They had some great tunes in their games. Be SURE to check out Gremlins 2!

Solstice for sure, Journey to Silius is another good one.

Capcom is great for music too.

The Castlevania series has excellent music. theres a code for CVIII that goes to a sound test, i forget what it is, but I know it's on gamefaqs

Godzilla for NES. enter "S0UND" (0 as in zero) as your passcode, it'll bring you to sound test. Try track 12, my personal fav.

I loved the music in Castlevania II Simons Quest. It was just GREAT!

How about Kirby's Adventure or Adventure Island.

Yes, Adventure Island has some awesome Tunage.

Good music in games?

Try anything that has a guy named "Tim Follin" in music credits

are you ppl forgetting Cystals?
also i like
Double Dragon II and III
A bot and his Blob
Duck Tails
plus more, too many to list, NES has great music

are you ppl forgetting Cystals?
A bot and his Blob
Duck Tails

Can't say I ever heard of those

lol, man my typing is bad,

A Boy and His Blob
Double Dragon II and III

did you mean Crystal?

Shatterhand, Heavy Barrel

Journey to Silus
is heavy metal chiptune gold