Donkey Kong - Who can score the highest?

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Have fun and good luck!

Coo. I've spent loads of time playing this game. But I stink at it.

No Cheats this time, got it I'll see what I can do.

EDIT: Didn't wanna double post, but I Got 19300

No BS, guys! Seriously.

ANOTHER EDIT: Why is the Game in a Quicktime Movie?, well it was going to ba a movie but 400+ MB would be a pain to both Download and Upload.

Ok, now I got 34,800 points!

Wait until you're on your last life before starting the recording. A video for NES should only need to be about 320x240 resolution, and have a bit-rate no more than 300 kbps to be sufficient enough for viewing.


The middle level of round 5 is furthest I can get. Those bouncy things that Donkey Kong "bounces" are so quick that I can't climb the ladder fast enough.

Why couldn't this have been a challenge of the Arcade version? That was much better.

Why couldn't this have been a challenge of the Arcade version? That was much better.

I Agree. the "pie factory" is a fun level!

Now, I got 95000! I died on the Last Part of Level 4

If you stay jumping barrels on Part One, you'll get a high score, especially on harder levels where you have 6500+ of Bonus and lots of time!

Allrite I got my best score possible:

Besides that my main scores in ascending order were 55,000, 73,000, 95,300, 99,000, and then finally 102,500.

do i have to use an emulator? can i use the NES game? i do not have Donkey Kong though.

you guys shoulda told me about the last challange!!!

if you don't have Donkey Kong I guess you'll have to use an emulator, eh?

No, emulation is not required, although it is easier to provide proof that way.

Looks like I might be late for this one.

The best 'Dinkey Kong' I've ever gotton in my life.

The thing I like about these challenges is I actually discover how to play these games that I normally would have never really tried.

I got the vid to that run also. Need to upload it first, so everyone can see my failure at Level 6-2. I got past the "bouncy thingies" on 5-2 on my first try, but not on 6-2.
If anyone can figure out a surefire way to get past those things, they will become "Donkey Kong Champion of the Universe".

EDIT: Okay this video is crap...

I forgot to plug in the sound, and I only successfully completed "1" level because I didn't start the recording until I had passed the last high score.
My other "deaths" were on 5-1 and 5-3.

Congrats to ZEN on winning this weeks NES Files Challenge! There seems to be some back-and-forthness going on here... who will win this coming week? Greatmightypoo? I guess we'll have to wait and see Good job ZEN!