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So, this game is, I think, a bit Pitfall like. But, instead of the guy jumping over the ponds, there's a girl doing pretty much the same. It's not a side scroller; it's a screen/level based, from left to right, you go over an obstacle, reach the end of the screen and then you go to the next screen/level.
The cartridge had a logo of game written in some kind of green, hand-written font or something like that.


Hunh. What system was it for? NES, or Atari?

NES. i think. :/

don't know the name, the system, the nothing. only thing i've got is this vague description...

like, chick-pitfall. i mean, is there anything at least similar to this description?

Sounds like Barbie on the PS..

They did have barbie for NES:

Is that it?

Barbie looks so lame!

I must HAVE IT!!!!

You don't want it, trust me... I spent a good half hour playing that game on the Dreamcast. I never passed the first stage.

nah, twasnt that, there was no PS when i was 9, 10. it was end of eighties, start of the nineties...

What?!?! You'd think they'd make it easy considering Barbie is for little girls...(me being the exception) I know I had a bitch of a time beating the Genesis Barbie game.

OK, looking for another NES game, and this time I'm sure it was in cartridge form because I owned it long ago. It had James Pond, and I'm looking for the NES ROM, but apparently it was a different title because I can't find it under "J" anywhere. I've looked on both The Old Computer Dot Com and NES ROMNation. I've found the SNES versions, but not the NES one.
Anyone know what the name is? I remember it was rather fun, you collected a whole bunch of goodies under the sea.

This is an interesting one. Are you sure you had a NES cartridge of this game? I think you are talking about James Pond: Underwater Agent but I'm pretty sure that never saw a NES release. It's sequel, James Pond II: Codename Robocod, was scheduled for a NES release (in fact I have a magazine review of it) but I can't find any record of that ever happening.

At first I thought you were talking about Robocod, but that doesn't take place in the sea. So you are probably talking about Underwater Agent and like I said that didn't have a NES port as far as I know.

I'm pretty sure it was a NES release, because the graphics weren't nearly as good as in the SNES one I have. With my luck, I probably had a rare pirate version that's worth a lot of money nowadays, and I lost it!
I'll check out those names, though--thank you.
--Oh-regarding the Goonies 1--got the NES ROM. Just a couple of weeks ago, when I asked about that one, my computer wouldn't run the emulator. What a difference a couple of weeks can make...

Maybe it was the Genesis version? 64 colours vs 256 colours would look worse.

...And we have a winner!
I tend to forget that I owned a Genesis awhile back. That's got to be it. I think I had that, Altered Beast, maybe, and a few others, and it all got stolen. Thanks.