Question about space shooters

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What do you think: Which Space shooter is the most famous one for the NES. But only real games in the style of R-Type (which is, I know, not available). Nothing like "Space Invaders", "Galaga" or "Asteroids".

I believe '' is the "biggest selling" NES shooter of all-time, but the "popularity vote" usually goes to games like 'Gradius' and/or 'Life Force'.


definitly Gradius.


Kidding, kidding, can't help it. Yeah, as much as I'd like to rock the vote, I still have to go with Gradius.

Gradius 2, Famicom.
The perfection.

And, the 2X perfection is Summer Carnival '92 Recca.
For Famicom.

Read about this game, guys... You will be shocked.
It is the most impressive space shooter I ever saw!

RARE in JAPAN even.
There is a guy selling in eBay at absurd prices.
It is a pity.