Bionic Commando

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I just got this game, and man is it hard. it takes a lot of getting used to with that claw thingy. And a platformer, where you can't jump!:o What are your thoughts?

this is one of my all time favorite games, and yes it is hard. especially no continues, and only 3 lives.but u can pick up more.

Roth didn't u say u beat this?

I can't even pass the first level in Bionic Commando. I just can't handle its style.

I wouldn't be surprised if Roth has beaten this game. He's a machine.

Yes, I've conquered this game. It's been a long time since I've ran through it though. I don't especially like playing via emu very often, and I don't own the game. I remember I used to absolutely love this game. Whenever I have played it on an emulator though, I get bored pretty easily now... no clue why. It used to be one of my favorites.

It was a cool way to make a sequel to Commando (rescuing the star of that game). The bionic arm you use was cool for sure. It's a cool game with some awesome level design... I wish I liked it more now like I did back in the day. Maybe if I owned it again I'd get back into it. Somebody, send me this game!

one of my fav games ever. yeah, the no-jumping control takes a little while to get used to at first, but give it a chance and you'll realize that's what makes it so cool and unique.
for those who've played it a lot, it's really easy. beating it in 30-40 minutes isn't too hard. I think ~25 is the record.

btw, check out my little Bionic Commando site..'s mostly humorous stuff.

I like it.

one of the best games. i dont think i have actually beaten it, i probably could if i tried though.

I have had it for years but i havnt really played it much, i seem to get bored of it, maybe its not that, maybe its the difficulty, i dont know, but i havnt got that far yet, i dont know if i got up to level 2 or if i havnt past level 1 yet.

I like the game very much and it is kinda hard but that what makes it cool, once you get into it you know what were comes and so on it's a bit predictable after coming further each time.

Did we get to see the Hitler Exploding head, or was that just for the Japanese version.

no, that's in all versions. Also, it's one of the few liscened NES Games with cursing, if you count "damn" as a curse word.

just a couple more examples of why it's such a kick ass game.

We may have seen his exploding head, but the story of his resurrection got completely censored. Which was kind of cool, in that you think that your fighting some run of the mill dictator, then suddenly, Hitler's head explodes.