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I wrote a paper on the Differences between Bionic Commando and the Japanese version of Bionic Commando (Top Secret: Hitler's Revival)

This is an ongoing work so stuff will be added, updated, or deleted as I play through the Japanese version of the game.

Check it out
It opens up as a PDF so make sure you have at least the Adobe Acrobat reader.

Any comments, suggestions, etc. would be appreciated.

A very interesting comparison. Such a shame that nintendo censored its ass.

Yeah, Nintendo loved its NES game censorship. I remember a popular sentiment on Nintendo censoring Bionic Commando was, "Is it so wrong to want to kill a Nazi?"

This is indeed very interesting. Do you know if it is possible to get a NES ROM of the Japanese version of Bionic Commando?

What's the Japanese title?

The Japanese title is: Top Secret: Hitler's Revival or Hitler no Fukkatsu: Top Secret.

The NES ROM can be found

Oh, man, that game was sweet. I think it is one of my favorites now.

seriously, somebody needs to get off their butt and translate the Japanese version NES ROM into English. Speaking as a huge fan of BC, the Japanese version is a lot more fun.. with the unfortunate exception that you can't understand any of the text.
we've been talking about this for years on the , but not much progress has been made.
ps. if anyone wants to check it out..

Yeah, a translation would be nice. I was surfing sites a couple weeks ago, I read bits and pieces of someone translating the Japanese version, but I haven't seen an update from that in more than a year so I'm guessing that it was never completed.

Whether it was originally intended or not, I don't really approve of the addition of the whole "Hitler/nazi" stuff in the original release. The focus in 'Bionic Commando' is about the innovative platforming and level design based around the main character's unique ability. The "Bionic Commando" is the star of the show. "Hitler" would take the focus away from that (had the game retained its original title) and would have ended up being remembered primarily for its "controversial nature" rather than "game play".

Besides, it was a huge surprise to find "him" at the end of the game.

I'm not supporting the idea of "not translating it" though. It would be fine for curiosity.
I'm just glad that I grew up with 'Bionic Commando' instead of 'Top Secret: Hitler's Revival' (which is an an oxymoron title because it gives away the "top secret").