Judging by the cover art

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Has anyone bought a game based upon the cover art and to be totally disappointed because it has nothing to do with the cover or just really sucked?
I bought Amagon--I could kick myself for doing that.

Of course. I feel everyone is guilty for doing this. I honestly am just buying games just to increase my collection. I have the habit of playing one game till I beat it, then once that's done, I move on to the next. Being that this is a slow process, I usually have a ton of games lined up by then.

Rambo and Ikaira Warriors II.... they both look like sweet ass Contra style games

I know there are some, but I can't remeber any names at the moment......

My buddy got Amagon for christmas many years ago when it was new. It's so bad it's almost unplayable.

I bought a "Taz" (looney tunes) game for the genesis that was terrible, now I tend to run away from licensed games.

If you're looking at old games you either have to (A) be willing to gamble the $5 or so purchase price that you might be buying a turd or (B) play the NES ROM first so you have some idea of the gameplay.

very good adVice

I once bought Pesterminator because it was blue for $2. After trading it for a few decent games (Clu Clu Land, Rad Racer, etc.) I'd say it was worth it, however the game itself is a pretty big letdown. Cover art I'll admit wasn't SUPERB, but I thought it would be at least tolerable.

When i saw LamdStalker's Cover i was like as much as i like this game(i played a NES ROM)i absolutely hate this cover!