What game is this?!?!?!

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Its REALLY bugging me, and first off, it ISN'T Joe and Mac OR Adventure Island.

Its a game, somewhat like Bomberman, where you have a square, and there is 2 cavemen and 2 dinosaurs. You can play as either. Dinos blow fire... and theres something to do with eggs.

please help me figure out what the name of this game is, its REALLY bugging me!

Adventures of Lolo?
Possibly the sequels, Adventures of Lolo 2 or 3.
Kickle Cubicle?

Ah, that sounds like Trog, where you go around in a likeable PacMan clone, collecting eggs. One player can be a blue dinosaur, and the other an orange one. You can turn into a T-Rex.

Ring any bells?