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What are the names of the end boss in the first Saiyuuki World game. The goat looking monster explodes and a metal robot is revealed.

According to this site

the last boss is called "gyuumaou" 牛魔王, which means "the cow devil".

Is this the one?
I hope I could be of help.

Wow, manuel is totally uber-l337er than me.

I couldn't find jack crap about Saiyuuki World, all I found out was more information than I wanted to know about the 'Wonder Boy In Monster World' series.

And the knockoff Portugese titles.

It's a heck of a lot easier to find out about Japanese stuff when you speak Japanese.
It was just one short google away. Took about 1 minute to find out what I wrote above.

I wonder will Mr furanku come ever back and tell me if this was the one he was asking for...

doubt it. i hate when people post topics like this and never come back to verify