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Look Close at the Super Mario/Duckhunt/Track Meet cart.......

Do you see it? Does that say "Super Bros."? Its on ebay right now with about an hour left on it.......

Would ya mind linking to the auction, please?

Oh sorry, here you

So, is that really Super Wario Bros.? I checked around and didn't find anything on it ......

No, that's Super Mario Bros. The SMB/DH/Track Meet cart really looks like that.

that does look like it says Wario. but i think if it was Super Wario Bros. the person listing it would of typed Wario instead of Mario

Except Mario is mostly red ..... and in that pic he is mostly white? I have the mario/duck/track cart already..... I compared them and they do look different.... Oh well it'll be settled in a week or so, because I bought that auction, and another of his

Sorry for the bad pic..... all I have is a crappy webcam I got for christmas . You can still see the color of Mario though.

Yes, unless he just looked at it and thought of Mario and just typed it in

Note that he's throwing a fireball... What colour is Mario when he picks up the flower?

Note that he's throwing a fireball... What colour is Mario when he picks up the flower?

Note he is throwing a fireball in ......damn Canadians

Yep, it's a legitimate cart.

Aha. Weird. he's all white on my copy, anyway.

I had a bit a look around ebay and quickly found a couple of other auctions with white mario. It is less common than the red Mario for sure. Maybe Nintendo revised the label when some nerds complained that he should be white if he is throwing a fireball. Here's the auctions:

As for the Wario bit. I think that's down to it being a poor photo. Even after zooming in a lot of the letters are blurred.

P.S. it's spelt "colour".

spelt n
a hardy variety of wheat of inferior quality, sometimes grown in mountainous regions.

The photo is poor.... if you look at my photo close you can see how it would look like Wario too. But wouldn't it have been cool if I had stumbled upon some extra rare cart? Or better yet a typo on the original released carts? oh well neither are true .

you wish.

mmm... spelt

It might be an optical illusion, but when I looked at my cart from a distance you can clearly see that it's "Mario". And my cart has the same colours as the one listed. I think it's a clever joke. You should ask the guy logandbz.

I got the games about a week ago. As expected, it was Super Mario Bros. I think that it was just the poor quality of the picture. Oh well, now I have both versions of the cart .