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I know you guys are into mario and Ninja Gaiden and Megaman and more unknown titles for NES but you guys never post your thoughts on games such as Mario Brothers and wrecking crew and all those games made back in 1985 and 1984. In my opinion they are the best of the NES Games ever made. Maybe that's why I like super mario 1 more than super mario 3 and evn 2. But I guys I've never been Hooked on Ninja Gaiden before really. I only liked Super Mario Bros. 3 for like a couple of days in my life once.

There are lots of people talking about SMB (1) around the forums.

Using the search I found out that 14 posts in total contained the phrase "Wrecking Crew".
Yes, there could be some more discussions about that.
Perhaps I should play that once...

SMB 1 has a huge fanbase here. I know andrewg likes it, and is damn good at speedrunning it...

Some of the older games that I find to be fun are Urban Champion, Popeye, Donkey Kong, and Donkey Kong Jr.. There are a few more that I really like, but those stand out in my head at the moment... especially Donkey Kong. There's just something about the way you sound when you walk, and jump... even the way it sounds when you lose a man. Very nostalgic I suppose.

i like playing games with endings rather than games with high scores. to me seeing the ending feels better than getting 1,000,000,000 points.... but some of those games are fun. i wouldn't say they're the best on the system, they're pretty primitave compared to some of the games released later in the NESs life

I agree with Campkill. I like games to have endings and last a bit longer than a few screens. I played Popeye for the first time a while ago and went through the whole game in ten minutes. Unless you're real big on going through the same game over and over again to get a high score I don't see the appeal.

well i guess what it is going to come down to is do you like point based games or ending based games as long as we are still playing NES Games.

I'll agree that some of the really early titles are fantastic, such as Excitebike. But for the most part I prefer games with an ending.

Hey I like SMB1. I also like games with an ending better than with scores. Ive never been really competetive witch is why I dont own any sports games. Im more of a Adventure/Rpg/Stradegy, type guy.

Do you guys like Kid Icarus?

Honestly I can't get into Kid Icarus. I haven't really given it much of a chance, but it seemed rather dull from what I have played of it. I've been trying to figure out why it was so hyped up back then, and now too by some people. I don't know, doesn't really feel all that great. Like all games though, I'll give it another chance.

Well, I get into games with good music easier than ones that don't.

I like Kid Icarus. The music wears on you after awhile. I think it was kinda taboo when I was a kid because of the big boobed (at least it looked like they were bra-less) enemies flying around near the end board.

I loved Kid Icarus i can't find that or my rescue Rangers which pisses me off.

how about original Mario Brothers NO I didn't say Super Mario Bros. either?

that game is pretty sweet. i still need to track down a copy. i've only seen it once adn it was like $11.99, screw that

I don't like it. You can't change directions in the air But the GBA version is quite fun.

wow this a classic old school game but i find the fun factor to be really low