Whats this game?

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i played this with my friend like every day when i was a kid, it was so amazing, i can't remember the title of it. it's a 2D top-down-view Tank shooting game where you shoot other tanks, and you blow up bricks in your way also. you can get like weapon upgrades and design your own levels and such ( if i remember correctly)

any help would be greatly appreciated! i'm trying to Hook my NES up to a projector so i can play my old school games on the wall

Iron Tank, possibly? i've never played it so i don't know anythign about it, other than it's a tank game.

it could also be Jackal, although you're in a Jeep not a tank. and you can't create your own levels.

You may also want to Google for Vindicators made by Tengen. It's a top-down perspective tank game.

I think I've seen the game he's talking about, but it's not those 2...
I can't remember the name now, but when I recall it right, it's a game with very simplistic graphics, right?

It's not Vindicators? The upgrading tanks part is right on the money, if not with the level design...

Battle City perhaps?...

YESS!!!! BATTLE CITY!!! awesome thanks a tonne!

Glad to be of serVice.

I had that game once on a borrowed 100in1 cart for the gameboy (if I remember correctly...).

Yeah Battle City. One of the most common games on multi-carts. Great with 2 players.