Karnov the Movie

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Has anybody seen this yet? I just heard about it.

I haven't. But check out this SWEET

I've seen the Karnov movie. It's totally cool!!! Here'a link:

Just about everyone here is a Karnov fan... there's no need to post from the same location to try and promote it like you don't know each other

I think once I get a new account for my bank and get it wired back to PayPal, I'll be picking up a copy... maybe even a shirt

I know the guy who plays Thomas from Kung Fu in it. I want to see him rise to stardom!!!!!!

It had to be done. It just had to.

I think its funny, i read the cast at least a small poetion of it. but it said Simon Belmont : Jonathon Love Hewitt and a Whole bunch of other Calssic names.

Z.E.N, that $13 might be the best $13 youspend.

Whoa! This movie totally slays!

It arrived. It got watched.
Karnov is even more baddass than I ever thought possible. Whatever you do... DON'T EVER TAUNT Karnov!
You will pay dearly for it.

So yeah, the movie is a riot. Suprisingly good special effects and lots of laughs as well. It only has a runtime of about 32 minutes, but there's a load of "extras" on the DVD, including a documentary and a commentary track for the whole movie.

I've seen it four times already!

So go ahead - buy with confidence my fellow Karnov worshippers.

I've just watched it, and I won't spill my sources. No matter, I just purchased it. Reccomended, get your copy TODAY. The ending action Rampage is possibly the best movie clip that has ever graced a digital video disc. The downside is the shitty acting from the little boy at the start, but the rest of the acting is rather well done.

That's crazy. Someone else has finally seen the Karnov movie. Now I'm not alone in speaking of it's awesomeness.

And how about that surprise "twist" the movie takes.

I must agree that the boy at the beginning was lame, but most of the cast did a good job.

"We're actually in need of a great warrior. Not a hotdog and a hamburger."

Everytime I've seen talk of the Karnov movie, I can only think that you might also be interested in the ... not that I've seen it...

Though alex is good, he is not in the same league as Karnov.

I was given the oppurtunity to view this movie from an anynomous source and I loved it!! It reminded be of Monty Pytyhon!! It is quite obvious that the key to making a best seller movie is:
8 bit characters,
Crude humor, and

You really must get this movie and watch it

Allright, I've tried to keep quiet, but, as usual, I do not have the ability.

This... is... actually... a .

The movie was actually well done, and well directed. what you paid for them?

Oh, and also...
Funniest damn cameo I've ever seen (except, of course, for the Mario Brothers cameo).

I actually wanted to slap that guy. Come on now... Was that really the best "actor" they could find to play ?

I would like to have seen the hero auditions for all of the other characters that were lined up outside the castle. They even had Kirby and the Black Mage.

Yeah, I would've, too. Hey! Maybe if the DVDs sell well, they'll do a directors cut with extra footage. We can always dream...

Question, though. I was under the impression that, in Contra, Bill was blue and Lance was red. But in the Karnov movie, Lance was dressed in blue. Was it a mistake, or am I failing miserably?

I may be late to the dance, but count me all aboard the Karnov train.

does anybody know the nes song thats played in the trailer is from? ITs sound SO familiar yet i cant name it.

Look up the Minibosses, or the Neskimos. It'll be one of their songs. I haven't seen the trailer, so I can't help ya.

can't find anything thats close to that song from Minbosses or Neskimos, weird.

the trailers on , go to movies, Karnov , then click the trailer button the left.

I believe it's the title theme music from 'Wizards & Warriors'. I don't know which band is playing it though (might be the NESkimos).
That song is in the actual movie also.

Now if only someone would have actually covered the "Karnov theme" and put that in the film, it would have been perfect (actually it perfect).

Nice movie.
BTW, thanks ZEN for providing me with the movie. It's really cool and bloody as I like it.

I got my copy yesterday.

Great movie. The special features are pretty cool too. I especially liked the making of feature.