Side Scrolling Shooters ( NOT CONTRA )

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Im not exactly sure what these are called, but i damn like em. Anyone have any names of games that contain these types of Action!? I only know Three i think
Abadox-How i found out about it: It was top of the ROM list in my massive list of NES ROMs SO HEY WHAT THE HELL EH!? i said and popped it into FCEU, YEAH I POPPED A ROM INTO FCEU. YEAH.

SectionZ-How i found out about it: An Impulse buy on ebay. it was going to only cost me $4 since i was buying a few games from the same seller
Is it good? HELL YES But its hard (for me anyway)

Story: SOme mutant space transformer clone hears music coming out of the planet mars and goesto check it out and finds a scene that will haunt him forever!

^ I hate it when this happens.

how i found out about it: My freind that got me into NES had it.

^ Look at that image and hum a sinister, haunting tune to yourself. thats EXACTLY what you will hear when you DESTROY THE NEBULA OF ALL BEING IN LITTLE MAN WITH JETPACK LAND!

Now, look at that, and think of the happiest, heroic music you can think of. that is EXACTLY what you will hear when YOU HAVE BEATEN A AIR FOTRESS! PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK!

Anyone know of any other shooters like this?


i have a few on SNES and GEnesis, but i;m too lazy to go upstairs,

in SectionZ, you play as the one and and only Captain Commando.


Life Force, is salamander except in US.

That explains it... was never clear on that.

Seriously, though, check out Metal Storm. Not the best, but it has a very interesting gravity mechanic.

they're called Shmups or Shoot-em-ups....

a good one is S.C.A.T.

Dragon Spirit is a vertical shooter that combines elements from Galaga and Xevious and Legendary Wings is a shooter combining overhead and side scrolling action.

Do you know if this has anything to do with Thunder Spirits, which is SNES and Horizontal.

(Has both "side-scrolling" and "overhead" stages)
(This one is unexplainable )

Only played each game briefly, but there's definitely some shooter-like stuff going on in those.

'Thunder Spirits' is the Super Nintendo version of 'Thunder Force III'. It is unrelated to 'Dragon Spirit'.

Awesome!, i always wanted Thunder force III, Kick Ass!