Instructions for NES "Shooting Range" &"L

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I've tried to find game instructions for the NES game "Shooting Range" without any luck. Any help will be appreciated!

Also, instructions for "Las Vegas Dreams".

Here's for Vegas Dream (text only)

As for the shooting range manual, I cannot find seems like too many websites are still ignoring the manual plight, or just using the tsr package.

I do have a manual for this, but am at school. I may be able to get a hold of it and scan it within a week.

Thanks a million! Just finished printing it. If it's not alot of trouble, I'd sure appreciate "Shooting Range" as I'm not having any luck locating it.
Thanks, Ken

There you go. Some crooked or cropped too tightly, but should do you good. Everything is readable.

Let me know if it works. my connection is funyy

You a good guy jack. I add that to my collection

Thanks alot for taking the time and trouble to help me. It's appreciated. It printed just fine.

No problemo, great.
I'll keep the link valid for a while, but may dissappear at any time when I need that space back.