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I've been investigating some of the additional mappers that developers had access to in Japan, and I'm wondering what some other Famicom games had awesome technologies?

This thread can be used for suggesting any Famicom games for any reason, be it technological reasons, or just plain fun factor.

I'll start by listing the ones with awesome audio that I found in my searches:

Lagrange Point (Konami VRC7 mapper) The audio in this game is closer to Sega Genesis quality, but the only thing I've found that'll play it, is the winamp plugin. You won't believe it's the NES.

Akumajou Densetsu (Konami VRC6 mapper) the VRC6 allowed 3 more audio channels, resulting in much better music than our release, check it out for sure.

Esper Dreams II (Konami VRC6 mapper) Same as above, except that we didn't get a release of this one.

Madara (Konami VRC6 mapper) again, same as above.

Gimmick! (Sunsoft FME-07 mapper) Excellent music for the NES, due to the added sound hardware in the cartridge. be sure to get the Japanese version, not the PAL one.

NSF files for the above listed games can be found at

That thing is sweet.

That looks great!

And it really seems quite rare. There are some available at the places I know, but only very few with the bike-controller.

I'd buy it if I had the money to spend.

That is nice. I went for $20 (US) in the end, which doesn't seem too bad.

That's absolutely not bad.
If I saw that in a shop for 20$ I'd buy that in a second. I hope I come across it once in Japan.

You know, I've recently tried out Cosmic Epsilon, and found that I quite enjoyed it. It has the behind-the-shooter gameplay style of Animal Attack! and Tetra Star. While it does have similar problems (Mainly with occasionally confusing scaling), I feel it was far better done than either of the former games.

Also, I tried out a game called 'Captain Silver', after seeing one of its screenshots, which looked pretty interesting. I played it, and made the unfortunate discovery that it's terrible... and yet, I still find myself playing it. Despite numerous WTF moments (My dreaded nemesis is currently a poorly designed fountain), it's still playable... and somewhat enjoyable. Kind of.

I'm also interested in the Dragon Buster titles, but haven't got around to playing them yet. Has anyone played them?