Tengen Tetris vs. Nintendo Tetris

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For those of you who have played the Tengen Tetris which version do you like better The Tengen Version or the Nintendo Version?

A big plus for the Tengen version is it can be played 2 player simultaneous.

Exactly. Tengen Tetris is much better. but not really worth the price it fetches. I'm in the process of trading mine off.

The only problem I had with the Tengen version was the colors.

That's bang on. 2 player Tetris is genius.

I prefer the Nintendo version.

i liked the music waaaayyyyyy better in the tengen version, but you can unlock 2 player mode on nintendo Tetris usng a gamegenie or so i heard.

There is a code that allows one player to control rotation and the other to control movement of the blocks, but I don't think there is any code that lets you play 2 players against each other like the Tengen version.

or better yet, co-operatively, each controlling their own block on the same play field.

would lead to some interesting arguments. Ever watch a co-op game of We Love Katamari? Funny stuff.

I like the graphics and music of Nintendo Tetris much better. Tengen may have the two-player feature, but for a single-play only game I prefer Nintendo's version.

I also like the Nintendo version better as a whole.
2P mode is nice and everything, but not if you don't have worthy opponents. My sisters and my wife aren't that much strong opponents...

I love Tengen Tetris,i even have a NES ROM on my pda.The Tengen version is far more superior to the Nintendo released version if you ask me.