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I need to find a nes game from my childhood. All I remember from the game is that you had to climb through a lot of trees and find stuff. I know thats not much to go on but I know there is someone out there that will help me. I wish i could remember more but i was about 6 years old. If you have an idea of what game it could be I would be very

Thr first game that comes to my mind when you say 'climb a lot of trees' is Legend of Kage.

that's very... vague. but how about:

Little Nemo: The Dream Master
Legacy of the Wizard
Wizards and Warriors

Yeah, that sounds alot like Wizards and Warriors 3..

Out of several I can think of where you 'climb trees' is Tecmo's NES Rygar. In one area of the 'City Of Argool,' you had to climb up several trees to get healed, get adVice from the 'Gods Of Indora,' and there were also several towers to climb. This was a good game, not NEARLY as good as the arcade version, however. Others that I can think of off the top of my head are Kid Nikki, The Legend Of Kage, Adventure Island (not many to climb, but a lot of trees nonetheless). Hope this helps.

The entire first stage in Wizards and Warriors is that big forest, so I'd vouch for that.

Either that, or it's the unbelievably awesome "flying-from-the-treetops-dealing-kabuki-death" action of Demonsword.

That describes the first part of Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy perfectly. But yeah it could be a lot of games.

It was Wizards and Warriors. Now i gotta find a place to buy it. Thanks everyone for all the help. I figured i'd go to my grave not finding out this game.

NES version > Arcade version

Not a big fan of cheap "one-hit-you're-dead" game play (arcade). Much prefer well laid out "adventure" game format (NES).

For the topic:
I was going to mention 'Wizards & Warriors' also. The first part of that game involves jumping all around and going inside of trees for jewels, potions and stuff.
It is available to buy on the internet.

It is available to buy on the internet.

Yes... it is available to "buy".