rattle in nes game cartrigers

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does anyone know waht causes that rattles in nes cartriges

i have a Battletoads cart that has something inside it is it part of the inside board that has broked off, if so what part would it be

or a small rock thats somehow found its way in there,

or is it somrthing else?

whats the most likely thing it could be

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I can almost assure you it's just a piece of plastic from the casing of the game itself. I've opened tons of my games to give them a good cleaning, and that's what I've found. I always wondered what it was before too You should see the size of some of these pieces I've ran across! Some were huge. It's nothing to worry about though.

my Super Mario Bros. 3 cart rattles. it plays fine so i try not to worry about it

Yeah, its usually just a peice of where the screw goes in, the tube with thread in it that holds the screw

I found a screw on a cart once, yet is was different to the ones use to hold the cart together. Bigger too. Very odd.

Some times(Game boy Games especially) the battery comes out.

My Flintstones surprise at dinosaur peak cart always had a rattle but it always worked fine.

Maybe games are like belly buttons, they just collect "lint" over time.
Think of it as game poop.