Famicom Gaming System, i need help please

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I just got one from the flea markets for $10, theres no screws in it so i think some one has open it, i dont know if its on or off as it has a red stickter to repersent on in stead of the red led light, im trying to tune it in but no luck, it didnt come with a POWer back or RF, so im using my NES ones, i dont know if that will help, i live in australia and use PAL.
Thanks for the help

photos would be helpful in trying to diagnose the problem.

Then we could figure out what you have, and why it won't work.

If it is in fact a Famicom, then it won't display on your TV anyway.

I cant get any pics atm sorry, but its a Nintendo Famicom, its not a pirate, it looks pretty dodgy, and knock around.
Would i be able to get a POWer adapter for it to play on my tv?

No, it displays 60Hz, your TV is PAL, and therefore displays 50Hz, you need a new TV, or some SERIOUS console modification.

You could always ship it off to me though

where in brisbane are you from,

Rural Area
Btw my TV is able to use 60hmz, i use 60 hmz on some of my new ps2 and cube games

Rural Area
Btw my TV is able to use 60hmz, i use 60 hmz on some of my new ps2 and cube games

oh o.k i was just woundering................. im from the northside btw

The RF should work fine but will output aat weird stations on your TV.

The POWer plug is almost certaintly not interchangeable. IIRC the famicom is center post 9V DC and the NES is 9V AC (again IIRC, I'm at work now, but can check when I get home tonight)

Yes, the NES is 9V AC and the famicom is 9V DC so the plugs will not interchange. You probably have a 9V DC plug laying somewhere in your house if you look.

if you plugged in a nes cable for a length of time, theres a chance you already killed it, many dc things really dont like being given ac, so yeah, not good. people talking about rf working dont have a clue, the way the video and audio is seperated in ntsc rf standard is different, so you will be able to choose to tune in either video or audio, not both.. youll need two tv's if you want to do that lol.. one for audo and one for video. plus while your tv may do 60Hz, theres nothing to say itll do ntsc aswel, though there are alot of multiformat tv's here now, so if it's relatively new you might be in luck (im in adelaide btw).
also im willing to bet on is the up position.

anyway, if you give up, i could take a look at it for you if you wanted to pay shipping.. im dying to get my hands on a real famicom, even if i dont get to keep it:P

If you have a scanner, just use that to get audio. Most have a 75 ohm antenna in. To splice it into more than one signal, you can get something from your local electronics store. Also, you can borrow something from your cable setup if you get cable, since they use the same thing to provide more than one room with cable serVice. I believe channel 3 is 65.75 mhz and channel 4 is 71.75 mhz.