NEW NES Flash Trivia game

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Just found this, its a trivia game on NES questions.

my score was about 460

I managed 470.

There are a lot of game specific questions regarding games I've never played.

450. I was doing well until I got to the technical questions.



Ok, I'm playing right.
It starts good with the good ol' Track & Field II whistle

510 points

I got 490. How the hell am I supposed to know how many life bars you have in Double Dragon? D:

Have a little more homework to do.

450. I'm supprised I remembered the sound channels.

Umm. well, I got 250

I got 370

Actually, that question was wrong...

There are 5 channels in total:

2 square, a triangle, a noise, and a sample channel.

I suppose it wasn't wrong, just incomplete.

I scored 370...

I got that right, due to the fact that come multi-player its usally a favourite

410. I had a bit of trouble with the game genie and little detail questions.

440 Better than I thought I would do


Some of those questions are terribly random.


Three Forty. FAIL!

Some of those questions were plain wrong, though...


What i don't get is at the end of the quiz it says it hopes you learned something, but it doesn't tell you the correct answer on the ones you got wrong. I learned nothing, I still don't know how many heart containers you can get in Bayou Billy.

guessing i suppose.