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Just wanted to know your guys thoughts on the game. I love it; grew up playing it. I did find it pretty hard though.

Oh yeah, awesome game man. The controls for it are very cool as well. I think I never got past the second boss though As Uber Newb would say... 54554fR455.

the game is pretty damn 54554fR455

like Roth said, i don't think i've gotten past the 2nd boss. that fool is hard

I beat it using my secret weapon, which is slow motion.

? I haven't heard of this game. What system is it for?

Uhh.. NES?
Look at what forum the topic is placed in

Aha. That aspect of the 'Games' thread always eludes me, for some reason.

It appears that I may be playing GunSmoke soon.

I remember getting stuck in an eternal loop of the first level because I didn't realize you had to buy a wanted poster to fight the boss. I was thinking it was the longest level I'd ever played!

haha, that happened to me too, then i accidently found the hidden poster

Thanks for the tip! I just recently accuired this game and still have not turned it on .

It is a pretty fun game though, from what I played on the emulator.

yeah i got it, its pretty sweet the controls Rock as well.

GunSmoke is easily one of the stand out games for NES.

You can also find the Warrant in the level, you usually have to shoot special spot to make it appear, it is not in barrels or likewise, but invisible until shot.

A cheap method to the game is playing through level one until you get five lives and all the guns. I try to save all my money for the later warrants and just find the others that way I can get out of those dang levels asap.

There is also an arcade version that has something like twice the levels. Also it has three buttons, and you can combine adjacent buttons to fire in a new direction so there is left, straight, and well as left+straight & right+straight.

And here I thought I was the only fan of this NES game. Ha! This is a great game on the NES. I've got the arcade version on Capcom Classics Vol. 1, and it's just too aggravating. And the NES version turned it into more of a 'quest,' what with getting to buy special weapons & such. With the rapid fire on, you can pretty much become invincible once you know where everything is. Neat graphics.

I got this game 2nd hand late last year, it has nice graphics and such, but I found it got boring pretty quick, it was fun at 1st, then it got repetitive.

But hey thats just my opion.

I love this game, this was one of the games that defined my early gaming years. I thought it was repetetive, and I too didn't realize that you had to buy the wanted poster. But, this game is freakin great!

Great game. I have a hard time getting past the Ninja level. I'm flawless up 'til then.