NES Cart Death

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I dont mean games like Zelda where the batteries die, i mean games like Super Mario Bros., games with out batteries, will they eventually die, i think unlicened do, but would my regular nes carts one day just stop working?

im not 100% sure because ive never came across a dead cart...however..over time im sure it will indeed die...from the metals..ect im sure its gonna happen....but like i said..ive never came across a dead cart.

Of course its a given everything will deteriorate after time

I guess they will eventually, but i've no idea how long it will take.

hopefully not for a very very very very very long time

A freind of mine kept a SNES game in his car over the summer, and it won't run any more. I guess it's true when they tell you not to store in extreme heat.

they do say to keep it out of extreame cold and heat on the back of the cart, but they also say alot of other things too , i just hope if they are gonna die its going to be long after i have died, but when i die i hope my games dont fall into the wrong hands, i look after em and i hope the next owner will too.

i think if Atari 2600 and Commodore 64 carts are still working our NES carts should be good for atleast another 10-15 years

I think that as long as you take care of your carts, (ie. clean them regularly, keep them out of dust) they should last as long as you intend to keep them.

Yeah I have only ever came across 1 NES game in my entire life that didn't work and that was "RC Pro Am" and it wasn't even my game it was my friend's game (and I have over 150 games). I think though its a connector problem and if we sand down the connectors we might just be able to get it to go again.

Do u think the Systems will die bofore the Carts do, other we might have to relie on pirated systems soon

There's not too much that can go wrong with a system that isn't repairable though. Besides, say, total immersion in acid. At worst, you could be taking the good parts from two systems and Frankensteining it. Unlike , there's no overly complicated or sensitively ballanced guts in an NES.

But if your cart gets ruined, well, you need a new cart. And you can't buy spare cart parts from radio shack.