Best graphics on NES

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What game do you think has the best graphics for the NES? Make sure to post screen shots.

Kirby's Adventure for me. It looks fantastic. I don't have any screenshots on hand but then I hope you all know what it looks like anyway. If not, play it now!!!

cant post a screenshot but i would have to say Batman: Return of the Joker had some of the best nes graphics out.

Sweet Home (for battles and cinemas).

For overall graphics, though, I'd go with Kirby.

But props to Shatterhand for its . The main character's walk cycle was very smooth and extremely complex, and as he came down from a jump, his hair and jacket lifted up.

Batman: Return of the Joker

Felix the cat

I'm too lazy to post shots, but Gargoyle's Quest 2 has my favourite graphics easy.

Those other mentions are also all very nice though.

Still screen shots will not do it justice. You need to see it "in motion" to truly appreciate its multiple layer scrolling and fluid animation.

An honorable mention goes to the first game that Sunsoft put out just after the 1989 film. It was the first 8-bit game I had seen that used realistic textures and color for the backgrounds. It perfectly complimented the dark nature of the movie.

And although I hate the game, has perhaps the best animation of any NES game ever.

probably Kirby.
Although, i think Draculas Curse, looked pretty good, same with Contra.

I'd say Zen The Intergalactic Ninja. I don't have any screenshots...

Sorry, I gotta change my vote. I was playing through Super C again, and I got to the elevator boss.

Just looka' that! The fluid movement was insanely good, too. I don't have a screenshot of the walker boss, but I'll try to get it.

My vote goes to Kirby!
And Castlevania games!

For cinematic screens, I stay with Ninja Ryukenden...
Ops, Ninja Gaiden.

Aah, Famicom Parodius also!!!


I also go with Kirby.
There's probably no other game with so many colors.

Its gotta be Kirby because of all the colors!!



What about Bucky O' Hare? Some nice graphics there.

The game with the best music and sounds must be Joe & Mac, but the gameplay really sux, It's WAY to short!

My vote goes for Kirby too.

Graphically Battletoads seemed to push the NES w/ a high res/color palette and something very rare on the system parallax schrolling' , Kirby is Awesomely colorful though, but Sunsoft seemed to have a real grasp on the technology at the time w/titles such as Blaster Master, Batman, and Gremlins 2.

Super Mario Bros. 3?

Another vote for Batman: Return of the Joker

I also like Castlevania III as well.

I also vote for Batman: Batman: Return of the Joker, and agree that Sunsoft definitely knew what they were doing. I also think that the Camerica/Codemasters games had great graphics as well, just think Ultimate Stuntman, Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy, etc.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 : manhattan project

SMB 3 had the best Tanks on a Nes game.

and wood(Perv )im talking Tree bark. and stuff like its so Detailed