"Metroid" walkthrough (shortest way)

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Can anybody tell me where I can find a walkthrough of "Metroid" that only describes the shortest way through the game? It may be in German or in English.

Gamefaqs tends to have speed runs for most games needing speed runs. Also, if you want video speed runs, here's a site that should help.

Are you sure that these are walkthroughs that contain the shortest way? I definitely need one of them and not a general walkthrough that covers 100% of the game.

P.S.: The speed runs don't help me because it's a bit difficult to play and simultaneously watch the video.

Part VII of that guide is a speed walkthrough.

Thank you.
P.S.: You can't link directly to text files on that site. It shows an error message then. Just try it out by clicking at your link.

But you can copy and paste it into your address bar It's kind of like having a bookmark... you're not clicking, you're going directly to the address.

I must be extra special because when I click the link it works fine.