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Does anyone have that game that after you beat it, you get tired of it, but then like a few months later, you have to beat it again or get Hooked when you see someone else play it afterwerds? It has to be a NES Game. It' just one of those games for some reason you feel comfortable and have a peace state of mind playing . . .

I came up with Faxanadu and Mario Brothers2

I would say Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3. I can only beat the whole game like once a month and then I just dont want to play it again for a while. Then all of a sudden a month or 2 later Ill be like "Holy crap dude I gotta beat this again!!"

this kept happening with Super Mario Bros. 1 for me, and i finally beat it.

I would say that happens to me with Faxanadu as well. Also, I get hit with FF1, both Zelda games and to some extent Mario 2 and 3.

for me it would be Contra, the Legend of Zelda, and Super Mario Bros. 3

The Zelda games for sure. I'm currently half way through Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. Lost count of how many times I've been though it (and most other Zelda games to).

SMB three, i can play it for hours everyday, then i just dont want to play it anymore..then i do..

I would have to say Contra, SMB,SMB3 and Zelda or the games I could keep comming too alot on the good ol NES.

Jaws is another one for me. eventhough lately i haven't had the urge to play it. still one of the greatest NES Games

Castlevania III Dracula's Curse.
I keep playing, and playing, and playing...


For me, there are only three games like that.

Contra, Final Fight, and Secret Weapons Over Normandy.

is my "go back and play over and over again game". I've gotton good enough to get the second race ship by the start of the third Mercury race.
Yay for me!

is another, but I would go back and play it even more often if Karnov were in it.

For me it's Super Mario World. I must have played through it many times since I got it years ago. Then, every now and again, I get the overwhelming urge to play through it again.

This one got some nice replys, a lot of the people seemed to like the good ole Zelda and MArio collections

I chose Faxanadu probably cause I like reahing Forpaw and I kind of like looking at the sky background where the Springs are located by that old man. Where you need the Wing Boots to reach

Oh yeah, I know that.
It happens all the time with SMB2 and 3, Tetris and Dr. Mario.

I have two games that I usually throw in for a NES ROMp through:

This is my go-to game whenever I have around 20 minutes to kill. I actually haven't played it recently, but at one point I would blow through it without dying even once. The last time I tried I ended up dying at the Demon, and having to go from Malth's part again to conquer it. Still, that's not too hard once you're used to playing through that.

This is another single-life game for me. I love running through it whenever I have some time to kill. Hell man, it's Karnov anyway... how could I NOT strive to rock at it

There are a couple of other games that I throw in more often than other games, but I think those are the two that I play time-and-time again.

I noticed this strange trigger addiction

Whenever I watch the "Angry Beavers" from that Nicktoons channel, I always have the feeling and erge to play Age of Empires II

Also, whenever I watch "Rocko's Modern Life," I have the erge to play Faxanadu

for me i going to have to say dodge ball and mike tyson's those two are just so good