Games you're intrinsically bad at!

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As the subject title states, what games are you intrinsically bad at? It could be a game that everyone else in the world finds incredibly easy but something in your makeup won't allow you to be good at.

I for one am horrible at Battletoads. I'm okay with the fighting aspect but I'm horrendous at anything that involves jumping. On level 3 just before you reach the speed bikes I have ALOT of trouble jumping from island to island. I keep falling off the screen. I guess I don't have the knack.

C'mon people. Purge!

I hate the lolo games for nes.

All in all, my all time worst game play is probably in Sports Games.

It's sports games for me. I just can't play them well, even after hours of practice.

I find that despite the fact I'm not much of a sports fan I'm normally not too bad at sport games.

Sports games, and Contra

Puzzle games.

Funny, that's the only NES game I excel at!

I really suck at SMB 1-3. I really enjoy the third one, I just am bad at it.
Also unless it's Golf, the sports games aren't very good to me either.

I am not that good at sports games for nes and all systems.

Me to. Second level gets me everytime.

They didn't really come about until the 16 bit era but I've always been terrible at fighting games like Street Fighter 2010 and Mortal Kombat.

I've gradually got worse at Street Fighter 2010 over the years.
On the whole i'm generally good at fighting games, particually the Tekkens.
And on the whole sports games stink anyway!

I'm not good at sports games either.

i can't beat the level one boss in Karnov, and sometimes i can barely get passed half of the first level.

It would have to be the Metal Gear series on NES. No matter how hard I try I just CANNOT for the life of me, get far at all.

that reminds me, i can't get far at all in Snakes Revenge

For me it's sports also mainly cause those games don't interest me that much,some do,but not alot.The rest of the genres i don't have any problems with,i think it's all about the motivation to play the game and sports don't give me that so mastering it would be harder for me i guess.

i agree with that. Blades of Steel is the only sports game i've been able to get into.

I'm extremely bad at shooter games of any type. Probably that's why I don't like that genre.

The Eductaional Mario Games They Suck!

C'mon they were cool!

I find no fun in educational stuff

My Motto:

Hmmm..... i not to good at sports games mainly because they change there passing system. I realy bad at sliver surfer for the nes but i'm working on it. i love 8 Eyes for the nes but i'm not that good at it..........hmmm i think thats about it

I hate the new Madden. Im good at the old ones but this one all the controls are too confusing. Id rather play Blitz where you only use 3 or 4 buttons. Also im not to good with MK- Deception, but i am with the older ones.

I'm terrible at almost all 2D games. For me, any old-school game is sheer trial and error. I can easily get through any modern game, though (except when I meet my dreaded nemesis, the I've-Killed-Everything-Gone-Everywhere-Used-Every-Item-So-Where-The-Hell-Am-I-Supposed-To-Go syndrome.)

im going to have to burger time just am not good at making burgers i guess

I don't stand a chance with any american football game because I don't understand the rules. Whenever I play the likes of Tecmo Super Bowl I usually resort to random button bashing before giving up.

Yes! I hate football games (American football, fer all ya furiners). I can never figure out the whole deal with the plays. I just end up running with the ball.

I do enjoy hockey and Tennis games, though.

yah i hear yah one time on CV i got to the second disc but i had used up all my items so when i fought the boss i had to use the dagger and after 34 times lossing i gave up and i had to start from the begining.............what a world

I suck at fighting games and first person shooters.

I enjoy playing them though, I just always lose.

i'm good at almost all videogames. sport games i find to be incredibly easy. im good at fighting games as well. a real lot of things.

the thing i am worst at though is DDR!!! i can at least do light mode.

These are my two best areas of gaming!

I think I'm worst at Sports/RPG games. I don't think it is lack of talent, I think it is just that I lack the interest to play these games for hours at a time .

I usually suck at shmups, especially Burai Fighter. I'm not so good in FPS either.

I love the Lolo games, but I'm not to good at them.

Oh man, also im awful at Kid Icarus. I just shut the game off if i die in the same level more than 3 times. And I cant get far in lolo for nothing.

SMB2. The one based on Doki Doki Panic for the famicom. Mario's Dream world and whatnot? I get through the first level, then find myself impossibly stuck in 1-2.