What game is this?

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It was something about worms, and when you ate something your tail growed. It was funny game, and there was magical carpets aka flying carpets. And you could play this game with friend too. I dont remember this game's name, but this was my favourite when I was young.

Sry for bad English.


this is just a guess, doki doki panic. i don't know about tailes growing, but i'm pretty sure there are magic carpets in the game.



Isn't Doki Doki Panic the game that was taken over by Nintendo and released as Mario 2 in NA? If so, that's not the game he's thinking about.

No, it wasnt like Super Mario.

I found it, problem solved.

Name was Snake Rattle 'n Roll.

hey does your name Protain to Soul Reaver?

Yes, youre right.

Legacy of Kain series are my favourite games.

i liked soul Reaver the most, i have still yet to play the 2nd.