arabian knights

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what was the game where you where a arabian knight or something? it had rpg fights and Zelda fights in it. was it good?

Magic of Scheherazade

edit: and yes, it was good. I enjoyed it quite thurroughly.

Ha! Scheherezade. Good times. That's what got me interested in classic gaming.

How can u remember how to soell that!?

Maybe, he just remembered it in his head, and knew how to soell it. Ya never know.

hehe, i spelled Spell wrong.
i feel stupid.

its a funny woid to mispell, aint it?

U spelled word woid, hehe but yeah, i giggled a little about my mistake.

That was intentional

Off topic-mod-bait

maybe he used google like i some times do i havnt really played it, i think i have played it tho but not much, if i ever see i will prolly buy it

Actually, I just looked at my copy of the game. It's right here. See? Can you see it? Well?

oh. Right.

Great game,i still have to own though!