Gremlins 2

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Has anyone played much of this? I rented this a couple of times back in the day (which means I liked it, but never found it to purchase). It has some of that awesome SunSoft music, and the game is actually fun. I've recently been going through this again, and have gotten to the final boss... haven't beaten him yet though He's a tough bastard. So, who else digs this game?

I have it and agree it's an underrated gem. One of the best NES movie licenses (although that's not hard). I haven't finished it either, it's a tough game even though there are passwords at the end of every level. I like how they tried to stay true to the movie, which can't be said for a lot of other licences. Some great cutscenes too.

I keep trying to get into it, but it just doesn't click with me.

I like the game, it seems Sunsoft made the best licenced titles like Batman and etc,
And they got good cut sceens and music too.

A other game comes to mind if Ufouria, thats an other classic made by Sunsoft

I like this game as well, Its one of the non rushed movie liscense games that I really find entertaining and sunsoft did a great job with it. Its nice to see a movie game can actually be good recall on NES. What a COMPLETE failure that was.

Good Game, IMO

Great game, I bought it on a whim just because it was for sale for $1.47 at the local crazily priced Pawn Shop. I was amazed at how much fun I had. The bouncing tomatoes were a bit out of place, but the music was awesome and the difficulty was on a not too bad level. Not incredibly fantastic, but definitely in the better half of NES Games.

I played this last night after reading the thread, and was pleasantly surprised like the majority in this thread. It's odd how Sunsoft used a lot of the same sound effects in, I believe, 3 games (the gun noises; this game, Fester's Quest, and Blaster Master).
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Yes, this is one of the better NES movie games. It's a bit on the frustrating side, but still a good game.

The biggest complaint with it I have so far is that the greedy, pipe-smoking shopkeeper only allows you to buy one item at a time! What's in that pipe?!?!
Oh, and--welcome to the NES Files, Dahveed.

I never liked the 'feel' of the jumping... did anyone else feel that way?

a n00b welcoming another n00b? It's unheard of!
I tried it for a bit, looks like I might have to put in more time, it's hard.
I never liked over-head view games.

So when do you push past the n00b status?!
Yeah, 'Newb, I have a problem getting Gizmo to land on the floating platforms.

Never. You only age, like fine cheese.

To go back on topic, I quite like that game, patly because the main character is so cute.
Well, it's very well playable, too. It counts towards the better movie-to-game conversions.
The music doesn't annoy me quickly, that's a big plus.

This is one of the best 3rd party NES Games..I think...Sunsoft really had there hand on the pulse for this one...such fond memories..

The music doesn't annoy me quickly, that's a big plus.

That a big plus. It wasn't infectiously catchy, like it could have been. It was decidedly low key.