Anyone know which game this is? Please!

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I remember a game I used to play when I was a kid. My problem is that I don't remember it's name, and therefore I can't find the game=/

- I remember that the player was a star... I think (yellow or green?)
- I think there were some kind of pipes which you had to go through to get to the next level, as far as I remember, I think the pipes were transparent.

Hope someone knows which game I'm talking about.

Any suggestions? Please!

Sounds like you are describing Mr Gimmick. The character isn't a star but he is green and throws yellow stars. Also the pipes are transparent.

This all sounds .

'Mr. Gimmick' or 'Ristar'.
(The latter being a Sega game.)

I thought Ristar but I figured it was probably a Nintendo game, so it's probably Mr. Gimmick

I'll fourth that.

Yes!! Thank you!! It was Mr. Gimmick:D

If you don't have it anymore, good luck finding it