NES squirrels

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i was just thinking of something. can anyone think of an NES game that has a squirrel in it? i know one, but i wonder if anyone else will say any other games besides the one i know.

is either rock or bullwinkle a squirrel? they have a god awful game on the NES.. and i beleive this should be in 'Games'

sorry, this one i was unsure of. Rocky is a squirrel.

i was thinking of that, but probably.

EDIT: any other games?

Arent Chip 'n Dale squirrels? they had a nintendo game. I'm not up on my disney lately.

Speaking of suirrels:

I think they're chipmunks.

bible adventures haves squrrels in it, except you cant play as them.

The only game I can think of right off the top of my head is NightShade. I can't remember if there are one or two of them in it. They're not playable, but you need to feed them or something. It's been awhile since I played through that game.

i was thinking that too

I think they're chipmunks.
Yes, Chip is a Chipmunk, And Dale is a

I believe there are "bad guy" squirrels in 'Chip 'n Dale's: Rescue Rangers'.

Don't know of others.

SQUIRREL - "Overthrow the government! Let us rise up and... err... squeak!"
NightShade - "If there's one thing I can't stand, it's anarchic squirrels."

Some great stuff in that game.

what i thought of when i thought of a squirrel in a NES game was the squirrel you can see in archery in Track and Field if you get a bulls-eye at a certain time.

Speaking of REscue RAngers, and stuff there is supposedly a DVD collection coming out like today.