My New Way of Gaming on the NES

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That U-Force that I purchased recently on eBay is....

I've read alot of crap online where people say that it's one of those accessories that just didn't work too well. I really don't know what in the hell those people were talking about. This is one peripheral that has renewed the NES and the games for me. It's like a next generation console now. Not touching anything, yet playing games such as Karnov, Castlevania, SMB, Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!, etc. It reminds me of using the touch-screen on the DS, or the new controller that is supposed to be on the Revolution. Innovative, and I give kudos to Broderbund for designing this thing.

First off, there are switches on the U-Force itself that allow you to set-up different configurations. Now, you can't map out each individual button to each sensor, but there are several preset configurations that you can use. There is a basic set-up that I use for a general platformer. It seems to work best that way for those types of games. You can also set-up a configuration for games such as Rad Racer and use the T-Handle to make you feel as though you are actually driving. For that game if you just push up on the T-Handle you activate your turbo. It makes it feel really cool It's really hard to explain how some of these work, so I'll go on now...

If there's any doubt as to how well this actually works, here's some examples of how well I ended up doing:

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! - I only made it to Von Kaiser with the U-Force, but it was the first game I tried. I'm also missing one piece that originally came with this peripheral called the POWer Bar; it's almost a necessity for this game. Hopefully someday I'll find it so I can play this game properly.

SMB - The first platformer that I tried. I made it to 4-2. It's SMB, not too much to say

Rad Racer - I only tried this for a few minutes, but it worked great! You really do feel in control of the vehicle. I would imagine that a top down shooter would be good with the T-Bar as well, though I haven't yet tried.

Castlevania - Okay, with a regular controller I've only beaten Frankenstein with JUST the whip only a couple of times in my life (once without being hit, but that's another story ) Well, I got to Frankenstein while using the U-Force, which I think is good in the first place, but I ALSO was able to get him down to having four bars of energy left... with only the whip.

Karnov - I made it all the way to the water part. The biggest problem I've noticed with the basic set-up is trying to move diagonally. It's going to be fun learning to move my hands around to do that!

I did die on these games in places that I never would have with a regular controller, but getting used to a whole new control scheme isn't like making PB&J sammiches Now that I have this controller I think I'll be trying to play all NES Games with it. It makes everything new and fresh. After experiencing the U-Force, I learned once again not to believe everything that I read on the Internet.

very nice review Roth. probly the only thing POSITIVE i've read about the U-Force

I have the u force as well, and I'm going to have to disagree with you completely, Roth. In stead of new and fresh, I just found it to be frustrating. Not unlike the POWer glove. Then again, I can't really keep my hands steady, so maybe that's why.

i also have the uforce but mine is complete and still in box with all the plastic so i have yet to try it but i will have to try it out and give my responce

I read everywhere that its WORSE than the POWer glove, even! Maybe I'll get one for myself, for my birthday.

For those that do try it out use it in Flat Mode for platformers. It's very similar to the layout of the standard NES controller. The thing that takes some getting used to is utilizing "Up" and "Down". Putting that in conjunction with other buttons is the hardest part. Just make sure you pull your hands away from the other sensors when you do so. It's not that difficult to catch onto. The main thing is trying not to get flustered on intense parts in games. I'm sure I'll have a ball playing Ninja Gaiden again

By the way, just got to the Grim Reaper and got two hits off on him... the hallway leading up to him is pretty intense, so it's easy to get flustered on that part

@OSG - Hey dude, do you have the POWer Bar piece to the U-Force? If so, would you be willing to part with it?

Sorry Roth. I may dislike the uforce, but I'm also a psycho, so it's staying complete in the collection. D:

That was a cool read Roth,i still have to get me one of these complete in box.

I looked all throughout ebay for a U-force to add t omy collection and I must say I just found one for $9 U.S. plus shipping. Not sure whether I should get it or not but ebay hasn't had one for ages. It comes with everything except a box and the instructions.

I had a boxed/complete one in my parents basement for a while, but last year the basement got flooded, and so did the u-force =( Never got a chance to use it either

That's terrible.
I also always feared watr and fire because they could ruin the greatest collections.
At least we won't be flooded now, because our house is quite far from water.