I found a 700-in-1 game!

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At my local pawn shop I have found a game called 700-in-1!! Should I pick this up only 5 bucks!! The game has some girl on the front!

Yes! 5 bucks is good price.

Hell and damn yes!

Even if it was just 700 repeats of Tetris I would pick it up for 5 bucks. Pirates are always fun to have.

And so I got this game today!

It has Good games on it!

I was wondering how do they get those on there?

Have you got a pic of it,would love to see how it looks,i have a few pirates and $5 is a good price,although how larger the number of games to more doubles it has.

I got a Famicom Pirate and a Asian pirate but they dont work on my PAL machine so i think i gotta take out its lockout chip which i dont really want to do, i need to find myself a converter, also my Duckhunt and early NES Games dont have the famicom converter in them, prolly because that the NES was realsied in Australia in 1987 and by then they would have taken them out of thos games.

Here is a pic and some info on the cart

wow! you have Tetris 8?!?

Only joking...cool find.

wow, i saw something like Nuclear Cat or something!

i don't know, i think Moon Mario and Pig Mario sound pretty cool myself

wow doesnt " door door " sound like a fun game. lol

Wow, that was a really good find. Now you have no more use for any other NES Game

Just kidding, but that was an awesome find.