Captain America and the Avengers

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I dont think any one liked this game much and I dont see why, i love the music on this game and the cut scenes are ok, nothing like Ninja Gaiden tho but i dont really care for thoes, what IYO in this game, its a shame Data East went out of biz, i liked they games.

I have been looking for it in cart version. ive played it via emu alot thogh

I enjoyed this game alot more than the snes version. I got in on Ebay about 2 months ago for like $3.00.

well i played the NES ROM and i liked so i got myself one off ebay, i think i paid $10 for which is about the price u pay for a nes game off ebay australia.

goddamn what a terrible game.

I hate you Data East, SO MUCH.

hey where in brisbane are you from

i never played this game as a kid but i picked it up at funcoland a couple years ago when i started collecting.. I thought it was a pretty sweet game. i have long since sold my first nes collection and started another, i guess i need to pick this cart up again.. i fired up the NES ROM to make sure i was thinking of the right game. i see nothing to make it a horrible game thats for sure

Caboolture, its right near brisbane, i moved from brissy to caboolture.