my Fire 'N Ice (Solomon's Key 2) shrine

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(grrr, my post got erased)

I'm not sure what constitutes a "shrine" but I've got a webpage up with a description of the game and some of my own puzzles. It's been online for over half a year now, but it doesn't seem like anybody ever visits. This looked like a good place to advertise it, so here ya go!

(not working anymore)

Be careful to get the capitalization right. If you don't my webhost will send you off into advertisement land.

I don't have many puzzles right now, because they're all ones that I've made. But if you have any puzzles of your own please send them to me through e-mail and I'll put them up there next to mine. If you want I can put comments below the puzzle like credits or something. My e-mail address can be found on my website's "about" page, and I don't feel like typing it out here for all the spambots to look at.


Edit: the webpage is now at . My old webhost gave me the boot. But now I can put NES ROM related material on it, including save states for the puzzles. I will now proceed to bump to ask for new opinions.

The page might not work if my Internet connection is messed up in some way or another, so please try again later if it messes up. I'll try to keep it online as much as possible.

Damn, that looks pretty good man. I love Fire 'n Ice.

Thanks :)

I added a couple more puzzles. One of them I made just a few hours ago, the other I made a couple days ago for my friend who was visiting. They're not very difficult, but oh well.

I realized that one of the new puzzles I put up had an easy workaround, so I "fixed" that. It's the 8th one in the second set of puzzles.

Has anybody tried the puzzles I made? Anybody need the NES ROM? Anybody have suggestions? If you do, say something or send me an e-mail.

Yeah, I'd say that qualifies as a "shrine".

'' is a very underplayed game. Good to see it getting some well deserved attention.

Cool site. It's a nice easy on the eye layout as well.