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Conquer Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Challenge
Mike Tysons Punch Out
Good find? Sounds fishy to me
Holy Dragons, Batman!
Help finding games please :)
Peek A Boo Poker
Battlestar Galatica?
Skull & Crossbones
Gaming marathon-MARATHON TODAY AT 5:00PM EST!
Bubble Bobble
The Riot Act
I cant remember what the Names are please help.
Captain Silver
Metal Storm
Educational NES games?
Impossible Mission - Super Pitfall MAP
Video Game Testing
Quick Question
Name of the game
>>> Game of the Week <<<
Which game do you consider harder? Contra, or Super C
The Immortal on Wikipedia
NES worst jumpers
another name that game!
A Thread About Video Games! (Most annoying enemies)
Game of the Week 36/2006: Tetris (all versions there are)
Shooter game
Manuals on Vimm
EvilNES Reviews!!!: The Superjoy III
Game of the Week 39/2006: Maniac Mansion
The future of the Game of the Week thingy...
Game of the Week 40/2006: M.C. Kids
Making own game need support
Game Genie + Famicom
20th Birthday of Famicom (youtube)+translation
Guerilla War vs. Ikari Warriors
Game of the Week 41/2006: Kirby's Adventure
1 on 1 Beat em up
Game of the Week 42/2006: Metroid
has anyone ever beat baby boomer?(color dreams)
Game of the Week 43/2006: Captain Skyhawk
Whats that game? [+Help please]
Light Gun Games
Looking for a list of all NES games by Nintendo
Game of the Week 44/2006: Balloon Fight
Castlevania III: Draculas curse (PAL Version)
Game of the Week 45/2006: Contra (Probotector)
Open poll: The three best heros/girls/villains
Tetris on the Generation NEX
Game of the Week 48/2006: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Game of the Week 50/06: Tennis
Totally blanking...
Game of the Week 51/06: Adventure Island
Image of Link in games
Game of the Week 52/06: Solomon's Key
Castlevania daytime cheat
Game of the Week 01/2007: Adventures of Lolo
Game of the Week 02/2007: Super Sprint
Game of the Week 03/2007: Duck Hunt
NES, SNES, Genesis, etc. games checklist?
Game of the Week 04/2007: The NWC Gold cart
neverending games
Game of the Week 05/2007: Excite Bike
Game of the Week 06/2007: Mike Tyson's Punch Out!! still has customer service for NES!
Game of the Week 07/2007: Guerrilla War
Game of the Week 08/2007: Donkey Kong
Game of the Week 09/2007: Kung Fu
Game of the Week 10/2007: Nintendo World Cup
Nonscrolling level games
Car Parts
Game of the Week 14/2007: Kid Icarus
Interesting use of post-its...
Game of the Week 16/2007: Bubble Bobble
Game of the Week 17/2007: Duck Tales
NES CodeBook
Tecmo Super Bowl
What Should I Play Next?
Romance of the Three Kingdoms II
Metroid beatable?
Van Helsing
Greek alphabet in an NES game?
Games you're just now playing for the first time.