The Riot Act

In Games

My former boss and now friend, who works as a bouncer at a bar, were talking Friday night. Somehow, we got on the topic of what he did at my age, which would be around the time the NES was out. He said he never owned a NES.

Needless to say, I read him the riot act.

Actually, he did admit to going over to a friend's and he talked about how he liked Super Mario Bros. 2 and Little Ninja Bros.

But not owning a NES? SHAME!


We must remember that MAD Magazine was known to mock the NES (in its heyday, so they're excusable). And many poor souls belive every word printed in MAD... even the words that belittle and torment their readers.

I originally came from a place (Hicksville, Rhode Island) where games were sold and rented but we had to travel a state over to buy a system.
(parents bought a system late 88/early 89)

but yeah, my sentiments exactly. most people I know have at least touched an NES Controller, but most of them when I mention NES or "Regular Nintendo" as we called it back east, people still thought I was mentioning SNES.

I know people who call it that, or 'normal nintendo'. I Assure you all that it boils my blood.

The only friends I have who didn't have an NES when it was big all had a Master system in stead.

I had lots of friends that weren't even interested in gaming back then. So I guess it's perfectly normal not to have owned one...