Guerilla War vs. Ikari Warriors

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I have always liked Guerilla War. You have infinite everythings, face scores of enemies, are alowed many, many deaths, and have that whole hostage thing to take care of. But I have noted some similarity between it and Ikari Warriors. Especially in the way things explode, I think. I had both games in my youth, and I played Guerilla until I beat it. However, I never got anywhere in Ikari. Anyway, this thread is dedicated to a war between the two. List your favorite, and explain why. Avoiding the risk of sounding like a short essay question, also go on as many rants as necessary.

My vote goes to Guerilla, because it was easy to understand, you got lots of quickly-thrown explosives, and the graphics were kind of funny, so it made a good Contrast to the battle. At the end, the hostages would run around doing stuff. Ikari seemed to have satisfying explosions, but nothing ever really got done for me. I didn't see a reason to be running around throwing slow grenades. Anyway that's just all I can remember. I still have Guerilla War, but I got rid of Ikari long ago.

Discuss away !!!!!!!

I've never tried Guerilla War, but I hate Ikari Warriors with the passion of a thousand suns.

that's like asking if you'd rather have $1,000,000 or $0.0000001.....

Seconded, particularly if you're asking about the NES version? I can say with confidence that I'll like Guerilla War better, even though I've never played it, because it can't be more of a mess than Ikari Warriors. Victory Road was much better than Ikari Warriors (especially the arcade versions).

I concur. Guerilla War is an entertaining shooter whereas Ikari Warriors just plain sucks.

Oh, good. I just hought there was some aspect to Ikari I wasn't getting or if I just sucked at it. Turns out it's actually widely accepted as horrible, so that's a load off my mind. Hail the Heroes of the Revolution!

Yeah dude, Ikari Warriors is a complete waste of PCBs, chips, plastic cases, cardboard, paper, and styrofoam. I don't even understand how part 1 and 2 got licensed for God sake!

Don't be mistaken, the actual arcade games were awesome, it was the first two NES Games that sucked harder than an Oreck on a ten pound bowling ball.