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Whenever I disscuss any video game with my friends, shortly after the routine fanboy-dissing and general overview, the next topic always is the same: What was that game's most annoying enemy? Being that this forum, from what I can gather, is somehow associated with video games, I thought I'd put this thread up. So in your NES expierience, what is the most annoying enemy you have encountered?

In my opinion, it is a close tie between the floating heads in Castlevania (which almost always arrive while I'm performing a perilous jump) and Wizzrobes in the original Zelda, which unload a hellfire of their POWer on you from all directions by the time you're in the 6th Dungeon. Have fun.

The boss of the fourth floor in Kung-Fu. Everytime you kick him in the head (which results in no damage), his head actually vanishes, soon followed by the rest of him, then he reappears slightly farther back and hurls more fireballs at you. He can also project a mirage behind you, which sometimes is actually him.

The thing is, he's not very hard to kill. The problem is knowing to kill him. Pretty much everything in the game can be killed with a kick or punch to pretty much any part of their body. But it took forever for me to figure out that you have to squat and punch him in the chest to actually do damage. In fact, despite all the wasted quarters in the arcade on this game many moons ago, it wasn't until just recently that I was able to get past him on the NES version, when I was playing it again on my dev cart.

Of course the boss on the next level is possibly the hardest of all, since he can block, but at least knowing how to kill him is fairly straightforward.

I'm going to go with FyberOptic on that one, the boss on the 4th floor in Kung Fu is the most annoying boss on my mind too.

It wasn't untill FyberOptic's explanation I understood how to beat him.

I'm going to go and kick his ass now...

I really did not like The final fight with Sigma in Megaman X. But it's easy after you learn his patterns. Also this guy was kind of hard..Only because he is fast and can teleport anywhere in his Boss room:

Oh yeah, there are tons of bosses that make me want to kill the TV, too. For example, Red Falcon (or at least his organs) always gave me a hard time. I'm just going along with my extremely upgraded gun, impervious to all my enemies and ready to blast this alien scum, and then it's like, "Eek! Spiders! No one said anything about spiders!" and they keep coming, dropping from the ceiling and such, and it's hard. Of course, Koopa is annoying himself, even though very beatable, it's never fun to try to get through the narrow window he leaves for you between his hammers. Unless you're packin' heat, that is...

Oh and I have a confession: I've never quite made it to Level 4 in Kung Fu. It shames me...

I've never had the motivation to even try Kung Fu. I just stick with Double Dragon.

I hear ya. Speaking of which...

from 'Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde'.
Especially on level 5 with the rolling barrels.

Runner up goes to the

Any of the creatures (ghosts, bats, etc.), that knock you around like a pinball in Deadly Towers. Especially annoying when you're trying for the gold pieces of armor.
I hear you, Muffinman, on the Wizzrobes, the Darknuts (especially the blue ones) run a close second.
And finally...almost everything in Ninja Gaiden. I just love getting knocked off of ledges/walls/transparent staircases in the water...
I never have finished that one!

from 'Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde'.
Especially on level 5 with the rolling barrels.

Runner up goes to the


Yeah dude, good call man.... that IS some annoying sh<i></i>it, especially the rolling barrels themselves. I can't believe I didn't think of them in the first place :P

Yeah, I think ZEN has the ultimate authority, considering he beat that godawful game...

Oooh! I just played Kirby's Adventure and found a nice little addition. Parasol Blastos. As if it weren't enough being an invincible , it also has to float, slowly rendering your airspace (one of Kriby's most important things!) inaccessable, and then once it is on the ground again, keeping you from walking, you must fly up into the air, where the detached parasol proceeds to magically find you and slam at you with force not unlike an asteroid. Sometimes, you get the added wonderment of having three of these coming down at one time, so while you try to kick the asses of some Waddle-Dee's, you have those to worry about. Inescapable pain.

I've been playing Ninja Gaiden lately, and right now I am despising those Eagles. I wonder what Ryu did to upset the bird population anyway?

Nothing more special than what Link, Megaman, or the guy in Joust have done. They all also have pretty annoying bird enemies.

As well it should. But, you are lucky for it. I kicked that guy's head off for ten minutes before I accidently hit him in the chest...

Anyways, for me, it is obviously the like-like. For those who aren't Zelda savvy, they are blobs who eat your shield and basically condemn you to death in a dungeon with wizrobes. And their name comes from a Hyrulian proverb, "Shield-eaters and world leaders have many likes alike." Yeah, it makes no sense.

SMB 3, Paragoomba "babies." They slow you down, and love to appear whilst you are drowning in quicksand and the angry sun guy is about. There are some other games that have speed-reducing enemies like them, too. Anyone got a good list of those, it would help clear the entire class of speed-reducers right off our check list.

Not a list as much as a annoying thing that kills you a lot with the NES in general: doing a tricky jump or fight move, and suddenly a lot of sprites appear on the screen and slow the gameplay itself down, 90% of the time resulting in your falling down a pit/getting knocked off a ledge/getting the crap beaten out of you, etc.
~EDIT, 10/22/'06~ After playing this game constantly the past week, as it is the game of the week at present, I have to also vote for:
Nintendo was just plain evil with these damned things. My wife thinks it's hilarious watching me play this; LEANING on the controller to blow those capsules away and yelling at the screen!