Game of the Week 40/2006: M.C. Kids

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By request of OneGenerationTooLate.

Personally I have played that game only on emulator so far, so I can't really tell if I like it.
The controls are good and the game is challenging, while not being too difficult. This surely looks like a title everybody should try if you haven't yet.

I can't find a better one, so if anybody has the cart and box, please scan or photograph them and put them on here.

In Europe, where the game came out first it was called McDonald Land.

More info on the game can be found on .

Please add more info and stuff if you have.

One of my favourite NES Games. Got to say I dislike the shameless McDonalds promotion but once you get over that there is a great platformer to be found.

I it!

Personally, I think the shameless corporate tie-in was what made the game so great. They could have hired any cheap-ass game creator they wanted, and ended up with a Transformers-type pile of crap and given the things away in Happy Meals. Instead, someone in McDonald's decided that they wanted to make a decent game. Bravo, you evil multinational corporation, you.

i could never get into the game. i don't think it's really all that great, and that's why i sold it to someone on this site. i can't remember who it was now.

Well, OneGenerationTooLate was right about this one, I've got to give him that.

This was really an entertaining game from my side.

The controls were excellent, really simple to lead the character on.

Sound and music were great, not annoying at any point.

The playabilty was overall great, I just loved this game.

The funny thing is that I knew, but I just can't get used to that McDonald's is so old. I mean we got McDonald's in the late 90's in our town, so it's a little weird to play a game from that food chain as a NES game...

I understand OGTL got a bit upset when The Angry Nintendo Nerd said only bad things about this game, honestly, I didn't understand him either.

Great game!

Ah yes M.C. Kids. I love this game. An old friend of mine left his copy at my house before he moved, and still have it. Just listening to the music in the beginning makes me remember how much fun I had with it.


By the way, it turns out that it wasn't the Hamburgler that stole Ronald's magic bag, kids; It was TERRORISM!!!!

Time for my dissapointing weigh-in, but I just have no energy to do feces-all after sitting in a classroom for 6 hours.

Great game, people normally bash it as being a "copy" of SMB3, which is true to an extent, but it also had many innovative ideas i've never seen pop up in a game, like the idea of the upside down walking,and the back arrows which send you frantically tumbling into gapless existence. Between that, the enemies and the landscaping, i can only think the people were shrooming while developing the game. If that is the case, I wish more game developers ate a couple grams of shrooms or LSD before going to work, becaue no game matches the kickass value of M.C. Kids.

and here's a better scan of the cart, taken from the home page.

I liked the little touches they added in, like the little gophers who hold shark fins over their heads on the cloud level.

And for the record, the blocks that send you all the way back to the level are my

Shatterhand did that before M.C. Kids

Well, yeah, the pure form of "upside down walking" but the method used to attain that privelege in M.C. Kids is such a stunning proposal it's utterly mind melting.