Tecmo Super Bowl

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Can anyone give me any information as to whether this game was released in pal format?

I love it to bits on the emulator sites but can't play it on my pal system at home which is frustrating.

I am not sure about that one, but I think it's unlikely since Super Bowl is an American sport.

However, try Google and eBay, maybe something will turn up.

I don't think that there's a PAL version.
The best way to play it is disabling the lockout chip in your NES and get the US version. Or get an American system together with the game.

I am also sure that there is no PAL version. I have also been looking but cannot seem to find one.

Is it true that they have Tecmo Super Bowl on-line tournaments?

The only American Football game I know of that was released PAL is 10 Yard Fight and that can be pretty hard to find.

I have been searching for years so its doesn't look like it was released under PAL format. I bought it on ebay from the uk as "PAL" but the seller got it wrong and my hopes were dashed.

I have just bought a Multiregion toploading Console so i shouldn't have issues playing the game.