Gaming marathon-MARATHON TODAY AT 5:00PM EST!

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Alright thank-you to all the Members who made this work. The Next Marathon is on July 15. The game will be Star Tropics.

Thats a cool idea. I'll try if I'm able to use my bros laptop.

It takes me many, many days to beat Super Mario Bros.. I fail...

I may as well see how much i suck at NES after a 8 month hiatus.

I also havn't played my Nes in along time at least a few months. I am back and would like to play and beat these games. Also you can use Emu's just don't cheat! Anyone up for it? If you suck at the game it is alright you can keep trying.

this sounds like a pretty good idea.

im in

Alright so far the following members are in:

Also Nintendon't what time zone are you in?

I believe it's Nintendonut.

Now, is that a compact version of Nintendo Donut, or is he simply a Nintendo Nut? You decide.

Alright so far the following members are in:

Also Nintendon't what time zone are you in?
It's actually "NiNtEnDoNuT1983". Nintendon't..
Come on Newb, I can beat the game in under 10 minutes, you should be able to pwn me with your uber skrills!
This could have gone under "Games" too.
And I said I was playing, so add me to the list.


Following players list:


I guess I picked the right day to see what everyone is up to. I'll play, I don't have anything else going on, so I'm game.


Following players so far:


Now everyone post there time zones, Mine is Eastern time zone what is yours? Also there is still room for members to enter.

My brother is gone for most of the night, so I'll do it. My time zone is also eastern time zone.

I think the funnest thing to do would be to have us all wait on the forums at a specific time. Then Aaron posts a "Go" message.

When that happens, we all start Mario 1 and post a "done" message when it's beaten.

I also suggest a 'no warps' rule. This is a marathon after all.

We can then repeat this for the other games.

-Mr. DNA

Alright when I say go we start. Thanks for the Idea Mr.DNA. Also not just in SMB 1 but in all NO CHEATING! Alright the Marathon will start soon as it is 10:00pm my time.

Are we allowed warps or not? I'd have to sit out on the SMB2 round if so.

There's no point in actually making rules since they can't be inforced. I won't be using warps, but that's because that's how I like to play.

I can't beat Mario 2 anymore either. I'll just get as far as I can and move on to SMB3.

No warps for me then, either.

No warps unless you are stuck. Alright we will start soon. Around 10:00-10:30 ish.

I'm in. It's only 7:30 where I'm at. I might start a bit late though, since I promised a friend of mine I would go out tonight.

You're going to have to decide on an exact time and stick to it, otherwise it won't work.

There's been a bit of a delay. THE FINAL TIME IS 11:00 sorry everyone...
And to make it alot eaiser to everyone else I will say GO when it's time then we start. I will say go at 11:00pm! Sorry for the delay.
Alright the final line up:

-Mr. DNA


Why the delay?

Could we just start at 10 and you can join us when you're ready?

I'm tired and old. I can't stay up late like you guys.

Ok I will start around 11:00pm. NO DELAYS FOR EVERYONE. Starts at 10:00PM... Ok I am leaving from my Grandparents now. So.....

Ok, I'll give the final Go message at 10pm.

I have a feeling no one is actually around and I'll end up being the only one participating.

I'm here, and ready.

I'm starting now. If anyone who wants to participate is around, then...


I beat it. Yay! Took me about 26 mins.

I had a terrible game. First, I tried going too fast and got a game over in world 3.

So I started from scratch and took my sweet time.

On to Mario 2, which I can't beat. I'll just see how far I get.

I had a terrible game. First, I tried going too fast and got a game over in world 3.

So I started from scratch and took my sweet time.

On to Mario 2, which I can't beat. I'll just see how far I get.

same here. i'm going to give up after the first game over.

Made it to over. Hahaha. I really need to learn to beat that game.

I beated SMB 1, And got to at least 4-1 beforegiving up. I have to call quits this time my back is kill me it hurts so much...

I finished Super Mario Bros. A little more sloppy than my usual runs, but I managed to pull it off.

I finished SMB 1 around 10:25... Now I'm too tired to attempt the rest.

Ha, shame I missed out on this. Is anyone still playing?

And did anyone make it as far as SMB3?

I missed it too, I would have joined in. Damn time zones screwed it up. I probably wouldn't have been able to finish Mario 2 anyway
We could make this a more regular kind of thing, but more notice would be nicer in the future.

This a really good idea. Too bad I'm such an old fart and am usually in bed by 10 PM...
I can't believe the number of people that can't beat Super Mario 2! Try, try again...the ending is worth it.

I got to world 5-1 before losing all my lives. I didn't play Mario Brothers 3 cause my copy is so crapping, I couldn't get it working. I really need to get a good copy.

Wait, all these people who can't beat Super Mario Bros. 2 - Are we talking about the U.S. or Japanese version? If it's the Japanese version, then I certainly understand. If it's the U.S. version, then I'm really quite baffled.

I don't think it's a matter of not knowing 'how' to beat it, but rather just being so out of practice that we usually get a game over.

I haven't played that game since I was 12 or so, so I'm terrible at it. And it's controls are completely different from every other Mario, so it's not like you can just jump in and kick some ass.

Yeah, but Super Mario Bros. 2 is one of the easiest games on the NES. So what if you don't "know" how to beat it? What is there to know? It's a straightforward game.

I do have to agree with Mr. DNA--with SMB2, if you're "out of practice," it can be difficult, since its format is so different from the other SMB's. It seems, no matter how long I wait between game sessions, I can always rock at 1 and 3.

See, now you're just being an internet hero. If you re-read my post you'll notice I said it's NOT a matter of knowing 'how' to beat it. We all know how to beat a Mario game.

The controls are pretty much terrible and that causes (at least, causes me) a lot of unnecessary deaths.

Now, I'm not saying it's especially hard or anything, it's just going to take some getting used to.

I could never beat the level near the end with the million-plus Sparks in it.

I know. I'm not sure why you made that comment in the first place, since as you said, everyone should "know" how to beat it.

I mean, I know how to beat Ninja Gaiden, but that doesn't mean I can pull it off everytime.

I don't think you're understanding me. You said:

Which was a reply to me saying:

I never said I didn't know how to beat the game. From the beginning I was arguing that the difference in controls causes a lot of trouble until you get used to it. That's why I think a lot of people have trouble with that game.

I never initially said anything about people "not knowing" how to beat it. Here's what I said.

Notice I never said people don't know how to beat it; just that they can't.

To which you respoded with people know how to beat it, they just can't. That's why I was confused why you made the comment in the first place.

Anyway, I'm still baffled as to why people have trouble with it. So it's a bit different? Big deal. That's like saying Duck Tales is hard because it's unique.

It's not a bit different. It's fundamentally different. And it takes time to adjust, which is why it's not unreasonable for people to have a hard time with it.

It's ironic that you should choose this one, because I've never played it before in my life, up until a couple of nights ago. I loaded up on the computer and saw the "Register Your Name" screen, it resembled the one on Legend Of Zelda so much I about died.
Yeah, I'm in for this one, doubtless, I'll suck (I've only gotten past the first boss, and I'm trying to rescue a kidnapped dolphin), but I'll give it a whirl, anyway.
Heh. Didn't know you were going to post the new game in this original thread, 'twas confusing.

Also the Marathon won't take place to late Starts at 8:00PM.

Good to know--and to avoid confusion later, I'm on Pacific Time.
Thanks for the heads up, this will give me time to practice at this one, so I can be at least somewhat proficient at start time. I do like what I've seen of this game so far.

And just a little bit of adVice since I doubt most people still have or remember the password at the end of level 4 where the robot asks for a password on the ship, put in . If I'm home I'll definitely participate in this.

Star Tropics? No thanks. The control infuriates me. I don't find games where the challenge lies in learning how to control an unresponsive character to be fun.

If I have time, I'll join in. Never tried Star Tropics. As for the control scheme, as long as it's better than Ys, I'll be fine.

Glad I'm not the only one that thinks that. It ruins a good game.

After playing this more last night, I must agree. The kid just won't line up in time with the enemy. And those starfish are bastards from hell.
Still, just to sell how far I can get, I'm still in. I'm kind of self-punishing when it comes to games; I think when I do meet my maker, the meat wagon employees will find me laying there with a controller in my hands, the result of a heart attack.

If I'm not busy that night, I'll do it.

The control isn't perfect, but those of you writing off this game are really missing out. There are some cool game play elements, and the story is pretty good too.

Marathoners this time:
Uber Newb.

I'd participate, but I'm at university next week and quite busy.

WTF? Was the date moved? Last night I was busy and realized it was the 15th...crap.
Well, I looked back and saw 4 days left, whend'ja decide to move the date up?!

^I'm pretty sure its tomorrow. I'll join, if the next one we do is Megaman 2

^^ Completely awesome idea. A MMM (Megaman Marathon ) would be a killer contest....
And then, how about the Zelda series? Not any other systems besides the NES. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link is particularly hard (at least for this player, anyway)!

I would do a Megaman marthon. I don't have Megaman 1 and 4, but thats what emulators are for . Or maybe we can break it up. Maybe one weekend, we could do MM1-3, and then MM4-6. Just an idea.

Anything beyond 3 and you'd have me beaten , I still have yet to conquer anything past 2...
I suck. Like a Oreck.

Sorry everyone, I might to have it this tuesday sorry for the Muff up! I sent those who are part taking PM's! And it isn't taking part too late, I have to work at 2:30am


For the record, I got to the big ghost boss... completely forgot about posting about it .

Ugh. I hate smileys, but in this instance I have to use it.

You did better than I did; I've been able to rescue the dolphin, and I haven't done much better than that (and that's every time I attempt to play. I do like this game, though--it's unique, to say the least).