Van Helsing

In Games

Would you also say that the Van Helsing movie is directly inspired by Castlevania, especially the very first NES game?
Dracula is the ruler of a whole army of demons that are not only vampires. There was never a Dracula movie where it was like that, he was always alone, maybe with some vampire sluts, but him being the master of demons is a unique idea of Castlevania that was never used anywhere else. Except for Van Helsing. And he works with Igor to create Frankenstein's monster, but Dr. Frankenstein himself is nowhere to be seen, just like in Castlevania 1.
I fear that the Catlevania movie will then be similar to Van Helsing.

Oh, and in that movie Dracula II: Ascension this priest uses a whip to behead vampires just like Simon in Castlevania 1. (I always prefered this game's final battle over the other ones where he just beats Dracula up. Since the storyline of the magic whip was not established in those times, the sequels' fights didn't make sense. Why does he die by taking some hits from a whip?)