1 on 1 Beat em up

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Is there actually a beat em up for the NES where you fight 1 on 1 (like in "Street Fighter 2010 II") and don't go through levels (like in "Final Fight")? I only know "Yie Ar Kung Fu" and "Turtles Tournament Fighters" (and the battle mode of "Double Dragon"). Are there more? (You can also name them if they just appeared in Japan.)

Double Dragon has that as one of the modes. It's C or D.

Karateka comes to mind.

Oh, and Kart Fighter. But I think that's a pirate game.

Karate Champ - BOOM!

Isn't Karateka a game where you go through a level?

And "Karate Champ", well, I also thought about that, but to me it's more a karate simulation (with the point system etc.) instead of a real beat em up where it's the Goal to reduce the opponent's energy bar.

My memory's a tad fuzzy, but I remember something sort of like Urban Champion. Well. Urban Champion doesn't have levels anyway.